What does NATO mean for Turkey?

As is well known by all of us, NATO is an organization that was established by a group of European countries aftermath of the WWII with the sole aim of the growing then Soviet threat and since the first day of its establishment, this alliance has been enlarged in this direction steadily. After the collapse of SSCB, the point we have reached is that NATO has become a union that seeks new enemies for keeping itself united.

When we look at the final declaration of the latest meeting of NATO members held in London, Russia has seemingly become the second threat for the union and been replaced with China.

Regarding Turkey- NATO relations, as is well known by everyone for a long time, Turkey, has been under a heavy terror threat stemming from various illegal terrorist groups in this region.

As we struggle with terrorism, what our NATO friends has done could be defined as just only a treachery or an indifference towards us with the lightest terms.

PKK is accepted a bloody terrorist group by almost the whole European countries and the US. Despite that, and YPG’s clear ties with the PKK, YPG has so far been evaluated as a ground power in the fight with Daesh, and this group has been recklessly supported and armed by both the US and some of the other NATO members with thousands of truckloads of heavy weapons, a great deal of which were used against Turkey by both PKK and YPG during Turkey’s  operations to secure the region. This is not a simple support to be tolerated by Turkey

The other topic that still poisons the relationship between NATO members and Turkey is the plight of the members of Gulenist terrorist group which brutally killed 250 people and wounded thousands of people during the coup attempt perpetrated by the military members of this terrorist organization. Those soldiers of Gulenist terrorist group involved in the coup attempt were not extradited to Turkey. Instead, most of them were granted European citizenship. Besides, the chieftain and the other fugitives of this terrorist organization are still being hosted by the capitals of NATO countries.

Unfortunately, NATO is no longer a union that Turkish government and people trust and rely on for their security. Therefore, it forces Turkey to find new friends and alliances to join. NATO will either do its duty stated in the NATO agreement or Turkey will do what is necessary to do for its future.

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