What is the role of the new Turkey in the Middle East?

Turkey’s and Russia’s call for the belligerent parties in Libya was first met positively by both the legitimate UN-backed Government of Libya (GNA) and  General Haftar  forces (LNA), backed by the UAE, Egypt and France . The latter has firstly rejected to comply with any likely truce. But after seeing Turkey’s firm stance and that Turkey was preparing to send its troops to Libya to help the legitimate government of Libya, Haftar seemingly felt forced to negotiate the terms of agreement. However, as of today, Haftar refused the truce and chose to fight. It seems that Turkey will have to continue its military existence in Libya.

When we look at Libya (and Syria), we see that Turkey and Russia have emerged as the two strong decision-makers in both countries.  Indeed, If Turkey were not to send its troops to Libya, we wouldn’t have talked about the current situation and whatever Turkey has gained with the maritime deal signed with Libya’s existing incumbent government would perhaps have gone to the drain.

The weird thing is that The main opposition party of Turkey CHP is unhappy with Turkish government’s success.

There is a reality in today’s world that if you don’t show your might in the field in every sense , your words won’t be taken into account by the other players. During the last two decades, Turkey has pursued an active foreign policy and tried to set its defense line outside of its borders by conducting cross-border operations and taking bold steps to protect its territorial integrity. It has also distorted the plans set by other countries, aiming to exclude Turkey from Mediterranean sea and confine it to its borders. Unfortunately, the existing government of Turkey has not got enough support from the opposition parties.

Back to the topic of Libya that has indisputably crucial significance with respect to Turkey’s high interests in Mediterranean sea, Turkey has shown its deterrent power by this case through pursuing an active role in the conflict.

Thanks to the strong leadership of Turkey, we have again become the game changer in the region. Those who have always despised Turkey are now well aware of the stark reality that it is an obvious utopia to realize a dream in the region without taking Turkey and its consent into account.

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