What makes Turkey powerful

There is no doubt that Turkey has been passing through very tough times particularly starting with the Gezi Protests in 2013, followed by the 17/25 December  judicial coup attempt staged by the  embedded members of the Gulenist terrorist group (FETO) inside the judicial institutions of the state. A few years later, we all witnessed the bloody July 15 military coup attempt being perpetrated by the  military disciples of FETO that left 250 people martyred and thousand others injured. Indeed, the list goes longer. Besides FETO’s attempts, Turkey has been under the threat of the PKK, a Kurdish seperatist terrorist group,  aiming to divide the country.

All these things we have gone through recently have been conducted by either local proxies of certain dark groups or external forces desiring to give a new shape to both Turkey and the Middle East in accordance with their secret agenda dating back to decades.

Turkey is, at this point, deemed as a big obstacle and the last fortress among the regional powers that needs to be eradicated first in the name of fulfilling the idea of the new Middle East. Almost all Arab countries have already long been subdued. That’s why Turkey has had to fight every kind of terrorist organization alone by simultaneously conducting an existential struggle at many fronts.

We have, during that period, been subjected to every kind of attacks both internally and externally and all of these could be warded off thanks to the very strong leadership of President Erdoğan and the brave people of this country.

Yet, woes never end. The current hot issue is the Operation Peace Spring in Syria. Although Turkey has by far done its best to solve the refugee crisis, our so-called western friends have so far played the three monkeys or acted like an ostrich. Besides, they attempted to punish Turkey by implementing sanctions over the recent incursion of Turkey to create a safe zone for the immigrants, and clear the terror threat nested across Northern Syria. Additionally, most of the leaders of the European countries along their international media outlets have all sadly become the mouthpieces of the outlawed PKK and YPG, the Syrian offshoot of the former. The PKK is as already listed among the terrorist groups both by the US and EU.

They seem not to have grasped Turkey’s problems stemming from hosting 3,6 million Syrians that has costed 40 billion USD till now. What we have so far got  from the European countries as per the repatriation agreement signed between Turkey and the EU is almost nothing.

Despite refugee problem, sanctions, additional tariffs, terrorist attacks, economic assaults, Turkey has not only succeeded in coming out stronger than ever but also challenged malicious plans of regional and international powers as well as their proxies.

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