What will the results of the Berlin meeting be?


The Berlin meeting on Libya held on Sunday is yet another litmus test for the European Countries on whether they are really sincere about democracy or fighting with terrorism. However, when we look at the current landscape of the Europeans over the Libyan case, we see that the leading states of the union seem to have fully opposite points of views about the two belligerent parties. Germany is now apparently supporting Libya’s UN- backed legitimate Government of National Accord (GNA), and the other important state, France,  places itself on the other side named Libyan National Army (LNA) led by warlord Haftar.

After that Chad-Libya conflict that resulted in with the defeat of Libya, Haftar had to flee Libya and for a while lived in the US until the conflict in Libya started immediately aftermath of the killing of Gaddafi. Now, the conflict between the two parties have for almost eight years been continuing. When we look at the latest picture of the Libya conflict, we  see that so many actors on the ground have either been directly involved in the conflict or become an indirect part of the ongoing internal war of Libya mainly due to hydrocarbon of this North African country. Besides, it can be said that the latest two important agreements signed by Turkey and GNA regardinh maritime borders and security issues of the two coastal countries to the Mediterranean sea have played a crucial role for coopetarion between the two parties during that process. Turkey’s archenemy UAE( MBZ) and the other regional countries such as Greece, Egypt (Putchist Sisi administration) and Israel have already sided with LNA.

Regarding Russia and the US, the two supper powers of the world, neither of them have so far obviously shown their clear face.  Especially the US has tried to remain neutral as it probably does not want to bebe the loser side at the end of the day.

In brief, Turkey just wants to put an end to the ongoing conflict in Libya by preferably using the whole diplomatic channels and has so far pursued a very decisive policy in this direction. It also presses on the European countries to duly show the true approaches and take reasonable steps as well as actively support the legitimate government of Libya instead of staying idle or supporting a thug who wants to come to the power by using a rude force. We will all see the results of this significant meeting on Monday.

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