WHO: Turkey Step Ahead of the US and Europe in Coronavirus Fight

The head of the World Health Organization Country Office, Dr Irshad Ali Shaikh hailed Turkey for its strong implementation of the measures to curb the coronavirus and warned that if the numbers keep climb at the current pace, a global health system collapse is inevitable.

Irshad Ali Shaikh spoke to Deutsche Welle Turkish service about the recent situation in Turkey and the world. Shaikh said Turkey’s recent full weekend curfew is an important measure to implement in coronavirus fight. Shaikh reiterated that Turkey has been a step ahead in implementing coronavirus measures comparing to the US and Europe. “In Turkey one has to provide a code received through a health ministry coronavirus application that proves the person corona-free in order to enter even shopping malls,” Shaikh reminded. Turkey’s coronavirus track application Hayat Eve Sigar generates a personalized code for each citizen that clears his/her coronavirus status. Turkish citizens have to acquire that code to carry on with the several daily life routines like commercially flying, intercity bus traveling or to stay at a hotel.

Turkish government has recently announced a set of new Covid-19 measures which re-placed the full curfew on those under 18 and over 65 whom are respectively known as “super spreaders” and the most vulnerable age group. “Measures have been strongly implemented and hopefully they will curb the numbers,” Sheikh reiterated.

The WHO senior official Sheikh also drew attention to the dismal situation in Europe and the United States. He said that the situation in Turkey is not as bad as the US and Europe. Sheikh warned that if current coronavirus infection rate spreads at this pace, it would cause a global health system collapse. It was reported this week that the European Union member Greece had only 2 intensive care beds left available at its two largest hospitals in Thessaloniki. Those hospitals in Greece’s second largest city care for the whole northern part of the country, local journalists reported.

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