“A US official tells me…”


US lawmakers led by senators like Lindsay Graham and Chris Van Hollen continue to put pressure on Donald Trump to reverse his decision about withdrawing US troops from Syria and supporting YPG, which is a part of the PKK, a designated terrorist group as per US laws. While threatening to sanction Turkey for its incursion to Syria to clear terror threat, Senators also invite heads of YPG and show their support in public. Analysts criticize lawmakers for their support to the terrorist organization which is at war with Turkey, a NATO member.

Meanwhile, US media does not hesitate to write fake news in order to victimize the terrorist group. Among them, Lara Seligman went far by claiming that Turkey army used chemical weapons. Yet, her slander was quickly declined by OCHCR.


On the other hand, many US based journalists shared unconfirmed news beginning with the words “A US official tells me….”. Below are a few examples of twits with fabricated information, whose sources are unknown US officials. Analysts say that such twits are deliberately shared for the aim of black propaganda.

Besides US media, some think tanks staunchly attack Turkey and lobby for the terrorist group. Particularly, FDD and its executives known for their Turkey hatred insult Turkey and President Erdogan. FDD is funded by the UAE and serves for the interests of Israel. They are criticized for their radical views, and illegal and immoral relations with thug countries.


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