Turkey’s victory in Syria

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After agreeing with the US to remove the YPG 32 kilometers from its borders between Tal Abyad and Ras al Ain, Turkey will now push PKK’s Syria branch 30 kilometers from the remaining parts of the border as per the agreement made with Russia yesterday (October 22, 2019). YPG has now 150 hours to empty occupied areas. Analysts comment that it was a great achievement for Turkey both in military and diplomatic terms.

Last developments show that the PKK/YPG’s self-declared Rojava autonomous region is dead now. While the organization will be still present in Syria, it is not expected that it will struggle for autonomy and accept survive under the control of Russia-backed Assad regime. On the other hand, American media declared the US administration as the sole loser in deals. Yet, some Turkish analysts underline that the US withdrawal is a late fulfillment of American administration’s promises to Turkey, though Americans did it by massive Turkish pressure. One analyst also reminded that when states have to make a choice between a proxy and another state, they choose the latter, and what is happening in Syria complies with this truth.

Meanwhile, some Turkish journalists warned that Assad regime is no less dangerous than PKK/YPG terrorism. They argued that Bashad Ashar is the source of all problems in Syria, thereby, as long as he is in power, problems will continue and Turkey’s security will be under threat. In addition, some experts point out that the US transferred its mission in Syria to Russia instead of its ally, Turkey. Turkish government has long been claiming that some clicks inside the US administration damage Turkey’s interests in the region.

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