“three day sit-in protest and a national demonstration”

As UK facing ‘three day sit-in protest from 11th-13th June 2021 and a national demonstration on 12th June 2021’ during G7 Summit 2021  under the umbrella of United Front Against Indian PM Modi; the International representatives of the United Front reminded that ‘Indian PM Modi is not welcomed in the UK and Prime Minister Boris Johnson must stop him from attending to the upcoming G7 summit’. 

Whilst the resolution issued by United Front’s prominent Leadership of Pakistani, Kashmiri, Bangladeshi, Sikh and Indian minorities; as well as the Palestinian and many other Socialist organisations; the remarkable session has been convened by  Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK President, Fahim Kayani. 

During the meeting, President TeK UK Fahim Kayani stated that: “Modi has committed crimes against humanity in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. UK PM Boris Johnson’s invitation to Modi to attend the G7 Summit in June, is an insult to all human rights conventions”. 

Mr Kayani also has expressed his disappointment towards the UK government with pointing as “It seems like the human rights principles are being traded against business interests”. 

Ranjit Singh Srai from World Sikh Parliament, Tony Staunton from Climate Change, Muhammad Ghalib President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe, Naim Malik from Palestine  Solidarity Campaign Cllr. Gurcharan Singh from Stop Killing Farmers, Gurcharan Singh Chairman Dal Khalsa, Imran Shah from MPACUK, Stuart Richardson from Stop the War Coalition, Khawaja Suleman Secretary General  All Parties International Kashmir Coordination Committee, Caire Bidwell from Let the Kashmir Decide, Mr Graham from Socialist Party, Sheni Hamid Senior Political Strategist, Parveen Khan, Mushtaq Hussain, Nazar Lodhi, Rehana Ali, Ch Muhammad Sharif, Ch Muhammad Ramzan, Riaz Ghuman, Pervaiz Hussain,  Liaqat Hussain, Gilbert, Yahya Akhter and more than 50 delagates from different groups attended the online All Parties meeting.

Raising their concerns, ‘Against India’s PM Modi’s discriminatory policies’ The United Front Coalition (UFC) leaders have strongly condemned PM Modi’s entrance to the UK and have offered their full support to the people of Indian occupied Jammu and  Kashmir, for their right of self determination.  The UFC, has also offered a strong support to all Indian minorities, facing discrimination and human rights abuse under the PM Modi’s rule. 

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Sheni Hamid

Sheni Hamid

*International Governments’ Senior Adviser based in the UK; *Political and Projects Strategist; *Human Rights and Peace Representative

*Leading NGO’s International Representative; and

*Media & PR Consultant.

Sheni closely works with international governments; highest level politicians, diplomats, officials and key decision makers; private business executives and many leading international NGO’s around the world.

*Sheni has previously worked for UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP) as national & International projects leader and executive;
and was also the ‘leader for UNDP’s Youth for Habitat International Project, representing and covering Turkey’.

*During and after graduating from University [(Faculty of Media (prv.aka: Faculty of Political Science and University of Media)-Ankara,TR)]

Sheni has worked in TRT (The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation); then private Radio-TV & Media Channels as News and Programmes Producer, as well as News Anchor.

*Sheni had completed her professional training in The TURKEY PRIME MINISTRY, at the PRIME MINISTER’s Office in Republic of Turkey.

*Sheni is British Citizen; Turkish Citizen and Egypt Citizen.

*Speaks Excellent English; Native Turkish; Fair Arabic, Azerbaijani,Bulgarian languages.

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