Author - Sheni Hamid

Sheni HamidSheni Hamid is
International Governments’ Senior Adviser based in the UK; Political strategist; Peace and Political activist; Leading NGO’s International Representative; Media Consultant and Businesswoman.

Sheni closely works with international governments; highest level politicians, diplomats, officials and key decision makers; private business executives and many leading international NGO’s around the world.

*Sheni has previously worked for UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP)

and also was the ‘Group leader for UNDP Youth for Habitat International Project’.

*During and after graduating from Uni. (Faculty of Media-Ankara,TR)

Sheni has worked in TRT (Turkish Radio-TV Network) as News Producer and as News Anchor as well.

*Sheni had completed her professional training in The PRIME MINISTERS Office in the Republic of Turkey.

*Sheni is British Citizen; Turkish and Arab Citizen

*She peaks 5 languages (Excellent English and Turkish// limited Arabic, Bulgarian and Azerbaijani)