Tahreek-e-Kashmir UK  has organised a remarkable unity in United Kingdom, with tributes to women in Kashmir in 8th March International Women’s Day.

With presenting a petition to United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Office in No:10 Downing St. LONDON,

the strong unity, led by the Tahreek-e-Kashmir UK President Fahim Kayani, with the support from the British Parliament MP’s and leading political, peace and human rights representatives; including British lawmakers, MP Afzal Khan, Shadow Minister for Legal Aid; MP Liam Byrne; MP Imran Hussain, MP Paul Blomfield, MP Gill Furniss, MP Muhammad Yasin, Khalid Mahmood, MP Tahir Ali  and MP Yasmin Qureshi joined Kashmiri delegation Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Rehana Ali; Sheni Hamid, Int. Political Strategists and Media Consultant; and Ms Soraya Boyd, human rights defender; Mr Raja Muhammad Azad, UK Businessman, 

were amongst the participants, presenting a petition to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office in No:10 Downing St, London; which the petition highlighting a kind request about : UK to stop India from violating women’s rights in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK)

Speaking on the occasion, Tahreek-e-Kashmir UK President Fahim Kayani reminded everyone that :

‘With the ongoing Kashmir conflict today, we must not forget that Women are often the worst affected by the conflicts around the world; as they often become targets of sexual violence, their husbands and children get killed – leaving them without support. 

Within this important context, British Kashmiris and the supporters of Kashmir are here to hand over a petition along with MPs on the plight of Kashmiri women ,On Tuesday 8 March 2022 at the PM UK office, 10 Downing Street London, on the occasion of International Women’s Day’.

During this important meeting, the participants have also pointed that ‘the suffering of Kashmiri women will never be forgotten and this meaningful tribute goes to all women in Kashmir in 8th March International Women’s Day as well’.

The petition which presented to UK Prime Minister’s Office in No:10 Downing St, London pointed that: ‘Every year, the rights defenders come together to stress on the need to ensure freedoms and rights of world’s half of the population i.e. the women, are protected. And rightly so.

This year, however, there is urgent need to focus our attention towards women in IloJK who are living under the shadow of one million guns deployed by Indian state.

Kashmir is an international dispute and has seen worst conflict in past 70 years with India launching an all-out war against Kashmiris. Women and children have been main hit of the Indian aggression and occupation.

While the UK, mother of democracy, has seen women leaders leading the country; India has been subjugating the women power to its inhuman treatment through its unbridled powers and unaccountable actions.

Many iInternational organizations have reported time and again, how India has used rape as a weapon of war against Kashmiris. The everyday humiliation of Kashmiris women in IloJK by India occupational forces is a deliberate attempt to muzzle Kashmiris.

From arbitrary arrests and killings to mass rapes, India is using every tactic to silence Kashmiris from seeking UN-promised right to self-determination.

History tells us occupiers and aggressors have used all such tactics as done by India in IloJK , but it has been the win of oppressed people at the end.

India’s all-out war against Kashmiris has been specifically targeting Kashmiri women to rob them of their honour and dignity, but they have been resisting such shameful tactics with steadfastness.

The actions of India constitute war crimes, as the Indian occupational forces picked up husbands and sons of Kashmiris women.

Close to 10,000 Kashmiri men were picked by Indian occupational forces and there are no whereabouts of these enforced disappeared Kashmiris.

Many of these Kashmiris who were married when they were abducted by Indian forces are facing social crisis back home as their wives are not sure whether their husbands are alive or not. They cannot get property rights in this situation and are known as “Half Widows” – a term just used for beleaguered Kashmiri women.

Over 200,000 Kashmiri children are orphans as Indian occupational forces murdered their parents.

Besides, the Indian occupational forces bomb and completely destroy properties of Kashmiris and render them homeless.

And later, Indian occupational forces exploit the situation in the guise of helping the Kashmiri women.

However, in such a grave situation, the Kashmiri women have led from the front to resist Indian forcible occupation. But India has turned violent and arrested around 18 Kashmiri women and jailed them in various jails in lloJK and in India.

These women include elderly mothers, and young sisters. They are ailing and have been put in solitary. Indian state has filed false cases against them and later their trails are not held on time to delay their release.

Syed Asiya Andrabi, Nahida Nasreen and Fehmeeda Sofi are three prominent Kashmiri women who have been put behind bars just because of their conscience i.e. they seek UN-mandated plebiscite so that Kashmiris can choose their political future.

The situation has turned vulnerable for Kashmiris as the Indian courts are a broken system and a shame to rob them of in the name of judiciary.

The courts follow directions of Indian agencies and the BJP-RSS Modi government. Bails are denied, trails delayed and judgements issued “to satisfy collective conscience of India” when the cases of Kashmiris come up.

Even Kashmiri inmates are killed inside prison and then their families are not allowed to perform last rites’…

The petition followed with multiple pages of links and information, which including various incidents of violations and reports by international organisations,  discussing the details about, how Indian state is engaged in human rights violations in IloJK.

The remarkable stand has gained support from large group of leading names and participants in UK.

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About the author

Sheni Hamid

Sheni Hamid

*International Governments’ Senior Adviser based in the UK; *Political and Projects Strategist; *Human Rights and Peace Representative

*Leading NGO’s International Representative; and

*Media & PR Consultant.

Sheni closely works with international governments; highest level politicians, diplomats, officials and key decision makers; private business executives and many leading international NGO’s around the world.

*Sheni has previously worked for UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNDP) as national & International projects leader and executive;
and was also the ‘leader for UNDP’s Youth for Habitat International Project, representing and covering Turkey’.

*During and after graduating from University [(Faculty of Media (prv.aka: Faculty of Political Science and University of Media)-Ankara,TR)]

Sheni has worked in TRT (The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation); then private Radio-TV & Media Channels as News and Programmes Producer, as well as News Anchor.

*Sheni had completed her professional training in The TURKEY PRIME MINISTRY, at the PRIME MINISTER’s Office in Republic of Turkey.

*Sheni is British Citizen; Turkish Citizen and Egypt Citizen.

*Speaks Excellent English; Native Turkish; Fair Arabic, Azerbaijani,Bulgarian languages.

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