Artificial Armenian Genocide passes in the US Congress

The US House of Representatives has taken a very controversial and baseless decision to affirm the so-called Armenian genocide allegedly committed in 1915 but actually never happened.

It is a necessity to put forth firstly that this topic has always been used by certain countries at loggerheads with Turkey like the sword of Damocles perpetually hovering over Turkey for decades.

Turkey has always said to those countries that “This is not a political matter whose solution can be found in parliaments of the western capitals but a historical issue that needs to be investigated via a joint commission to be created by historians of the both sides.

But Turkey’s callings were generally ignored by these countries because this matter was very fruitful to corner Turkey and get concessions.

Unfortunately, Turkey has not taken a positive response from the real counterpart of the topic, Armenia, too. It seems that they have been so far in a thought to exploit the case and benefit from likely results.

For the record, there are hundreds of thousands of Armenian people living in Turkey and most of them are very annoyed by the situation as they are well aware what this topic is yielded by some countries for not solving their problems but cornering Turkey for their private interests. For instance, Hrant Enveryan is an Armenian-rooted Turkish citizens living in Turkey and has always been a voice of the conscience. He straightforwardly yells naked truths to the face of western countries.

We have yesterday witnessed the latest ring of the treason when the US congress accepted a resolution that recognized so-called Armenian genocide. The timing of this affirmation is not surprising. Unfortunately, US congressmen and soon Senators want to punish Turkey for its incursion to Syria to clear its borders from terrorists. Thus, the decision is political and punitive. However, Turkey won’t step back just because US lawmakers want.

All in all, Turkey is a big country and no power has any right to demonize its brilliant history with artificial genocides. Those seeking for the truth should seek it not in parliaments but in history. Turkey’s archives are there and open for comparison.

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