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The Flood of Noah

Was there a pair from each animal species in the Noah’s Ark? If so, wouldn’t it be an enormous Ship?  And also, did the Flood of Noah cover the whole...


The Criticism Of Atheism

  by İdris Tüzün The emergence and running of the universe: cause and effect or a divine power? “Warm air near the Earth’s surface tends to...


Basirat (insight)

by Mehmet KURT   Basirat (insight) used in Islamic sources has a different connotation than when it is used as a term in secular contexts. By...


The Atheistic View of Life and Time

People (even if they are irreligious) know the beauty of the good qualities like brotherhood, respect to the elderly and benevolence. And when they...


The Truth about Mediation in Islam

Mediation and mentioning the names of blessed people, things and places while praying to Allah (SWT) has been dealt with in many verses and hadiths...


The Food of Lower-Self: Sins

  by İbrahim Yardım   We must constantly be on alert against the sins that feed the lower-self. Sins are like poisonous honey. It tastes...