The truths that refute evolution

Prof. Umut Muhammed Said Çavuş

The summary of some of the explanations and proofs that refute evolution and prove creation is as follows:

Evolution is the existential belief in atheism. Therefore, it is incompatible with Islam, the main foundation of which is the oneness and unity of Allah. Since science is considered materialist due to a prejudice and with the effect of positivism; evolution, without any alternative, has become a mandatorily accepted theory. This dogmatic approach, which is not closely related to science, has been identified with science by means of a strong alliance organized under atheism and a kind of perception management and illusion (imaginary stories) and even brought to the point of being the basis of science. However, in the history of science, there has been no other theory proved as wrong as the theory of evolution. In this regard, Pierre Paul Grassé (former head of the French Academy of Sciences, author of the book Evolution of Living Organisms) has a very important statement: Today, our task is to destroy the mythology of evolution, which is considered as a simple, understandable and explained phenomenon before us. The trick (deception) is sometimes unconscious, but not always, because some people, because of their bias, ignore the truth in purpose and refuse to accept the inadequacy and inaccuracy of their beliefs (1). “It is impossible for random mutations to meet the needs of the entire realm of living beings. There is no law against imagination, but science should not be included.” (2).

Even with the confession of scientists, if evolution is not scientific and not the truth, it should also have no place in our curricula. However, the “Creation”, which is a universal truth that is clearly visible with scientific data, should be included in our educational curricula without any reservation, completely, uncompromisingly and with all aspects.

As the science progressed, in contrast to the reality of creation which shines in the minds and hearts like the sun, the theory of evolution, which has been persistently and stubbornly seen as a branch to hold by those who follow the blind path without alternatives, has dominated every phase of lives, expectations and language of scientists who consider themselves objective but cannot be neutral due to the necessity to make a choice. As the scientist Anthony Standen stated, science under the hegemony of evolution has turned into a sacred (!) cow that has been exploited and worshiped (3).

The evolution, which claims the transition from species to species or from simple to more complex, is a hypothesis which is completely contradictory to the truth, that is the objective data of science; and its main principles and pre-assumptions are seriously wrong, unproven and impossible to prove. (A hypothesis in lexical meaning, meaning assumption, supposition. Actually, it is not even a hypothesis according to the norms of science.) It is an ideology that is constructed based on imagery and analogy, defended and sustained intentionally and biasedly in an unscientific way; a desperate whim to put out the bright light of the truth of creation, and a swamp that blurs young minds and heathenizes them making the evolution a religion. There is some evidence for those who want to get out of this swamp, open their eyes, and see and show the truth:

1- Science is based on observation and experiment. However, evolution excludes observation and experiment. It is neither observed nor observable. It is neither seen nor can be shown. Also, it is not able to be formed in experimental environments. Therefore, the evolution, claiming a transition from species to species, is not scientific.

2- Evolution is a supposition contrary to the truth. It is contradictory to many proven laws and incompatible with laws.

a) One of these laws is the second law of thermodynamics. This law states that “Every entity in the universe if left alone, goes to the maximum irregularity and the minimum energy.” (4). The evolution, on the other hand, argues the opposite; that is, over time, every being has come to existence from the simple to the complex by transformation to more ordered, superior species.

The second law of thermodynamics (entropy) is an experimentally proven law. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of our century, defined this law as “the first law of all sciences” (5). Sir Arthur Eddington refers to that as “the supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe”. He even states that, if any theory, including the theory of domestication, which is one of the basic foundations of evolution, contradicts this law, “it is desperate and condemned to collapse with the deepest humiliation” (6). Jeremy Rifkin, an American scientist, states in his book titled “Entropy: A New World View” that “the Law of Entropy will appear in the second period of history as a ruling order.” In contrast, evolutionary scientists see and show the evolution as the first law of science. They exclude and discredit those who do not see it that way.

Evolutionaries’ objection to the view that this law contradicts and refutes evolution is as follows: “This (entropy) is true for closed systems, and is invalid for open systems that receive external energy such as our solar system.” This fact makes this objection invalid: “The transition from simple to complex structures cannot be explained by chance and evolution neither in systems with external energy, which we call open systems nor in closed systems, because unconscious and uncontrolled energy is not constructive, it is always destructive. It cannot perform art. The universe, equipped with numerous open and closed systems, is decorated with countless artworks. If it is so, one who did all this is not and cannot be a blind force or unintelligent energy (7).

b) Another law that refutes evolution is the proliferation of all species, the control of their numbers, the inadmissibility of their invasion and being sentenced to death. However, this situation, that is to die and to be limited, is not a desired condition for living beings and is incompatible with evolution. It is not a situation that develops or strengthens them but weakens. In all species, the tendency to survive and proliferate is extremely strong. However, their numbers are always limited, the balance is always preserved. If this law was developed in the process of evolution, the balance and order would be disrupted, the vitality would run out, or one or more species would remain in the absence of this law, in a way that would not allow this law to evolve. However, this law must exist with vitality so that there can be such species and balance. Hence, if there is a balance in the species and their numbers, evolution is out of the question.

c) Another law that refutes evolution is the law of change or alteration. Why does it refute evolution? Because all the changes develop within the species itself, there is no transition from species to species. This law is a law that takes place within the species itself and often leads to distortion, aging, destruction, and death.Sometimes it leads to something better, even then a transition from one species to another is not possible. For example, a bacterium becomes more resistant. However, if you look closely, both resistant and resistless ones are still bacteria. The bacteria do not transform into viruses or vice versa. Human also develops resistance to some microorganisms, i.e. develop immunity. The defence system undergoes a positive change. However, this positive change does not turn human into a different species. Human is human again. Moreover, even the intelligent people do not have a share in these positive changes in their defence systems. They are not the commanders of their own soldier cells. They are just honoured by this change, they are just spectators, and thankful if they are smart. Let alone the bacteria and similar unconscious, mindless creatures to have the share in developing resistance! They are only honoured, made, created, and changed.

Pay attention to animals that have a defence system with camouflage. In order for this animal to do that, it is necessary to have a mind, reason, consciousness, and then a mirror to look at itself to be able to resemble the environment in which it lives, then the power and knowledge to change its own body, to dominate its atoms. And until it develops this defence system, it has to survive in with its vulnerability. Does believing that comply with mind and the truth?

The examples realized with this law of change are surprisingly shown as evidence for evolution. However, there has not been a single transition from one species to another with these changes. There is no need for this. Whoever is the owner of this science, will, and power, it is the one who made all species and has proved that it can do it, has revealed its art and the power to create. And it is Allah.

d) Evolution, which is the corner stone of atheism and accepted as the basis of coincidental existence, is also contrary to the law which cannot be proved the opposite: It is the law so-called Burhan al-Inni, i.e. the work being the evidence of the maker. For example, smoke is evidence of fire. It is not necessary to see the fire directly. The appearance of smoke proves the existence of fire (8). There is not a single letter without a clerk, not a single a needle without a master. Can there be a book without a writer or a computer without a maker? The human brain is the most advanced and organic computer that makes the computer. It is a very superior model whose technology cannot be achieved. The human brain, like the computer, has come to existence afterwards, and there are about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons), about 10 to 50 times more glia cells and about 100 trillion synapses, i.e. intercellular connections, between the nerve cells (9). The raw material of the computer, the brain and the universe are the same atoms. Even the simplest computer cannot come into being by chance when the atoms are shattered and collided in the evolutionary process, how can the brain do? Can blind coincidences, unconscious evolution, mindless, unimaginable substances and atoms make the brain? Even the laws can’t be. Because even the laws do not exist, yield or work without a legislator and an enforcer. Such as the constitution and all laws would not work, be effective or yield without any government, police, prosecutor, and judge. Also, the laws that are valid and scientifically proven in the universe are dependent on a legislator, a ruler to execute the law. Laws cause some living beings to fall sick, to die or to be harmed. However, the harmed and dying creatures do not desire this situation because they have a tendency to live; they are inclined towards disobedience or breaking this law. This proves that the law has to be a subversive judge so that it can process. Even a village needs an authority; otherwise, the village loses its order, it drifts into a state of chaos. How can this magnificent universe be without a judge and ruler (10). According to Burhan al-Inni, giving all these original masterpieces in the universe to unconscious evolution is straying from the truth and a greater mistake than giving a masterpiece to the unconscious brush, paint, canvas. Eventually, artists perform art by imitating the original in the universe, without giving it spirit. In other words, even a simple two-dimensional picture of a tree cannot be attributed to the unconscious, while a painter is a must, how can the trees, which are alive and which are awesome factories that drink muddy waters and give sugar syrup fruits, can be attributed to unconscious elements, mindless and blind evolution?

3- Scientists say that the world is around 4.5 billion years old. There are 8 million 700 thousand species known in the world. Every year, 10 thousand new living species are identified. It is thought that there are around 100 million species. A human has 100 trillion cells. In each cell, thousands of millions of enzymes and hormones work. Each enzyme has chemical reactions 40 times per second. All of these result in characteristics that determine the species. In all species, these reactions, systems, mechanisms have been developed and functional in all individuals of each species and in all cells of each individual. In short, when we calculate, the process of evolution must be very fast. Thousands of millions of new systems have to develop new mechanisms every day, every hour, or even every minute so that this universe can exist. However, such a situation is not observed. For thousands of years, human beings are human, monkeys are still monkeys. The age of the world is not enough for this kind of useful and necessary systems, mechanisms, biological machines, reactions, and the diversity of life to come into existence as a result of evolution. In this process, they cannot sustain this formation; they would disappear before even coming into existence. Many systems, organic machinery and mechanisms must exist in an instant, with everything as a whole. For example, the time required for the cytochrome-C, one of the simplest proteins, to exist by chance is far above the age of our universe, which is 15 billion years. That is to say, even with random coincidences, the age of the universe does not allow the emergence of a protein. When we think about around 3000 proteins that are considered to be the basic stones in the building of a cell, even the word probability is meaningless. Evolution is extremely awkward and impossible in regard to the facts. In summary, this universe has no time for evolution (11).

4- There is a reality in the world that is clearly known and felt, and it is the existence of emotions and spirituality. However, evolution is a belief based on a materialist foundation. It cannot explain emotions, spirituality, spiritual events. How these loveless beings turn into loving beings? It cannot give a reasonable answer to this and similar questions. The matter is limited and temporary. But the desire of people to live and happiness is unlimited. With the idea of evolution, black people are seen as a sub-class that has not yet completed its evolution. Therefore, evolution is a worldview with the potential that would constitute the basis for a colonial order, that is, oppression and injustice, where racism crushes and destroys the weak, which contradicts with the truth of humanity, conscience, justice and compassion.

5- If the evolution were true, there had to be billions of transitional forms, even more than the living beings. However, it is not even a single entity that has proven to be a transitional form. There is no semi-plant semi-animal, semi-animal semi-human intermediate form, and there has never been. None of the fossils claimed to be transitional forms are the evidence of the transition from one species to another. Each of them is a unique species created similar in some aspects and different in some other. Another evidence of the lack of a transitional form is the attempt of evolutionaries to deceive themselves and to create artificial transitional forms. An example of this is the “Nebraska man”. Despite the objections of the scientist William Bryan, this fake transitional form was presented with fictional drawings. But another scientist, Harold Cook, has unmasked the Nebraska man (12,13).

6- An eye (with the confession of Darwin) or a cell can function together with the simultaneous coexistence of all parts and organelles due to its structure, and an eye becomes an eye, a cell becomes a cell. Otherwise, it disappears. This is a scientific fact that confutes the hypothesis of the evolution that things develop over time piece by piece. Millions of years in the hands of coincidence, a cell is already doomed to disappear until the formation of an eye tissue, until the formation and development of a cell. Lipson, an American physicist, commented the following on this issue: “When I first read The Origin of Species, I realized that Darwin was not quite sure of himself, as opposed to the view usually presented. For example, the chapter titled “The Difficulties of Theory” reflects a very apparent distrust. As a physicist, I was confused by his comments about how the eye might have emerged. (14). In Darwin’s time, the cell was an unknown black box. In spite of all technological and scientific developments, despite the admirable functioning of a cell almost like a factory, a micro city, the idea of evolution has been persistently tried to be sustained, and all the ways have been used and the facts have been ignored. The scientist who realized the truth has been discredited.

7- According to the experiments and principles that Mendel has proved and observed, the characteristics acquired during the life process cannot be transferred to genes and generations. For example, a father who developed his muscles with commando training cannot pass on these features to his children. That child is not born muscular and strong. If a mother loses her arm in an accident, she doesn’t give birth to a child without an arm. Physical changes gained during lifetime are not transferred to genes and generations.

Explanations and examples presented under the title of Epigenetics do not explain and prove evolution. Epigenetics, briefly, is the name given to change of the phenotype due to environmental conditions changing the functioning of the genes, not the genes themselves. Changes to the phenotype are called modifications. Modifications are not hereditary. Because the changes occur only in the body cells. For these reasons, modifications are not the evidence of evolution. Phenotypic changes are not reflected in the genetic structure and are not transferred to generations. Only mutations that occur in the reproductive cells are passed on to generations, and they often result in miscarriage without birth. Those who are born are too ill to reproduce, their reproductive functions are impaired and they cannot be transferred their condition to future generations. There is wisdom, balance, and design. Since no design cannot exist without a designer, there is a knowledge that creates all these designs, balance, and wisdom; and this Personality has contacted us, introduced Himself, and taught all His names including the name Allah. That is why we say that Allah the Almighty is the creator of all these excellent works.

Epigenetics causes changes within the species itself, not the transition from species to species. Example: Pregnant mice that are fed with folic acid give birth to different colour of mice, but this is not an evolution. The species do not change. Just the colour changes with different mechanisms. The mouse is again a mouse. The mouse does not turn into a rabbit. Unfortunately, even this phenomenon is tried to be shown as an evidence of evolution (15).

8- If evolution was a law, all beings would be subject to this law, and they would not be able to escape from it. However, there are still monkeys on Earth. What is different with these monkeys from those who became human, what do they lack to become human? There are many examples like that. All these creatures have been preserving their species for thousands of years and continue to live and reproduce on earth. As a result of Mendele’s research, the genetic program has a robustness and self-preservation. If there was no such a protection mechanism, features of species would not be preserved and would be easily destroyed. Each species protects its genetic characteristics that maintain its unique characteristics. Of course, the members of the species, totally unaware of anything, do not make this protection. If there is a program or a software, there is someone who planned and programmed it. The programmer of the DNA and the genetic codes, the planner of this astonishing software is also the one who has secured and protected the program with some kind of organic antivirus programs; and it is Allah. If this stabilization and protection did not exist, the cells that developed as a pancreatic cell in the mother’s womb and produce hormones could easily transform into different and dysfunctional cells over time. The phenotypic and genotypic general determination and stability in the works created by Allah are in contrast to evolution. When considered together with such diversity of species, it clearly demonstrates the impossibility of evolution. This genetic stability is a mechanism that prevents the transition from species to species, the mixing of species, another kind of parent or another type of offspring. This is characterized by a robustness in the genetic structure, preserving species-specific properties. Thanks to this mechanism, different species do not mate with each other. For the purpose of finding evidence for evolution, those who are paired artificially and intentionally cannot become pregnant. Supposing that such pregnancy occurred, it results in miscarriage. Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities have been detected in most of all pregnancies that have resulted in a miscarriage. This is extremely wise and necessary. Otherwise, how can a mother or father be able to provide proper nutrition and protection to their offspring who were born as or turned into another kind of animal? For example, if the lion parents had an offspring of another kind, and they taught this whelp the lion-specific hunting, protection and feeding characteristics, how would it survive? These parents who know nothing more than being lions cannot also teach their puppies anything else. Examples go on… Fortunately, the universe has Allah the Prudent Who takes measures to prevent such circumstances.

9- As well as human-like aspects of the ape presented as the ancestor of human beings, more similar characteristics of ants were determined in terms of socialization, and nightingales in terms of socialization. In this case, what animal is the ancestor of human? Apes, nightingales or ants? Similarities are not and cannot be the evidence of transformation, being ancestors of each other. Moreover, the presence of apes, nightingales and ants, which have not yet disappeared, also refutes this idea and the basic theses of evolution (16-18).

10- Diversity of creatures both on the land and in the sea is a serious blow to evolution. Such diversity cannot be explained by evolution. There are 8 million 700 thousand species known in the world. Scientists in recent researches actually predict that 100 million species might be living nature. It has been found that there are 6000 kinds of apples. What kind of necessity and obligation led evolution mechanisms to create such diversity? There is no reasonable and demonstrable answer to this problem (19).

11- Mutations that evolutionaries rely on are either destructive or ineffective. A mutation that transforms a living being to a superior being could not be shown. Only disturbing, sickening or ineffective mutations have been shown. Gene mutations are transferred to future generations only if they occur in reproductive cells. Hereditary diseases such as sickle cell anemia, phenylketonuria, and albinism occur as a result of genetic mutations. However, if we look closely, they make the people sick. They don’t create superhumans. They never make it a different species.

Mutations are changes that occur in the genetic structure of the organism. This change may occur in chromosomes or genes. Changes in chromosomes are either in the number of chromosomes or in their structure. The number of chromosomes of each living thing is constant. Changes in the number of chromosomes may be in the form of increase or decrease. For example, for a plant with 40 chromosomes, this number may change in some individuals because chromosomes cannot be appropriately divided or moved to the appropriate location during reproduction. For example, there can be 41 or 42, or 30 or 38 chromosomes. Individuals with such changes cannot have a healthy life. Most of the time, their generation does not continue, and often such changes cause anomalies and death of living things.

Another change may be the increase in the number of chromosomes in half or the multiples. During the reproduction of a plant with 40 chromosomes, the number of chromosomes must be halved during the formation of the pollen and ovules. Because the number of chromosomes will remain constant when the pollen, representing male individuals, is combined with the ovule. Halving can be prevented by interfering to the chromosomes in the cell. This halving can be done in the egg cell, or in the sperm cell, or both.  In this case, individuals with 60 or 80 chromosomes instead of 40 occur. This chromosome increase does not kill individuals. Their generations continue. This type of chromosome change is called a useful mutation. This method is used especially in plant and animal breeding. For example, corns, whose number of chromosomes are doubled or quadrupled, can have larger cobs or bigger ickers. Similarly, there are similar practices in the animal kingdom to increase milk and meat yield. Other than that, mutations are harmful and generally lethal, no matter in genes or in the structure or number of chromosomes.

As a result, beneficial mutations are those that increase in multiples of the number of chromosomes. This method is used to increase the yield of meat and milk in obtaining large structures in plant and animal breeding.  However, it is not possible to create a new and different living being. When the number of chromosomes of the corn is doubled, corns with bigger cobs and icker can be obtained; but the corn remains as a corn, it doesn’t become beans.

In this regard, this confession is very noteworthy: “When we go into detail, we cannot prove that even a single species has changed. We cannot prove that the assumed changes are useful either, which is the basis of the theory. (20.21).

12- Evolutionaries act with assumptions rather than evidence. For example, they say that “the first living being coincidentally occurred”. There is not and cannot be a proof for that. They are almost inclined to deny the concept of living and vitality when they cannot explain the occurrence of living beings from non-living things. Just like Scepticist philosophers who denied their own existence in order to deny the Creator. As Pasteur, one of the respected scientists, says: “Life only comes from life”. One who is not alive cannot give life to others; one who doesn’t have consciousness, awareness, and wisdom cannot give others consciousness, awareness, wisdom; one who doesn’t see cannot give eyes to others…

13- If life occurred by chance during the evolutionary process millions of years ago, people with intelligent conscious technological opportunities should come together and gather their minds and knowledge to produce a living entity in the laboratory environment using all the necessary elements. Isn’t it easier and more reasonable to create something that occurred by chance with consciousness? Why can’t they produce? How do unconscious, blind, deaf coincidences produce something that many scientists can’t produce; and who believes and strongly advocates that? If someone thinks that “maybe it can be produced over time”, we say that: “If a nanoparticle of what happened millions of years ago was created by thousands of conscious, smart people after working for hundreds of years, for example, wouldn’t we come to a conclusion that ‘how these brilliant results and creatures with art and purpose that we have worked for hundreds of years to create with all this intelligence, knowledge and opportunities could have been created millions of years ago by blind, deaf, unconscious, witless coincidences that we called as evolution under the guise of science’?

14- Some of the questions that evolutionaries cannot answer are “How did the first cell appear? Or how did the first proteins and the DNA-RNA duo that encode these proteins come to presence? There can be no DNA without proteins, but without DNA, there can be no proteins either. Charles Eugenie Guye, a Swiss scholar of mathematics, revealed that the probability of a protein occurring by chance was 1 in 1 × 10 160 It means that there’s no such possibility. Because probabilities of 1 in 1050 and less are considered impossible in mathematics (22). In other words, incidental existence is impossible. Evolution is an assumption based on a process in the hands of coincidence and selection (natural/artificial). Evolution cannot explain the first occurrences. And especially if these first occurrences are indispensable and extremely wise and beneficial, they cannot be explained at all. A protein has a few seconds of life. More than 3000 different proteins in the cell and thousands of proteins that make up the DNA must be present and renewed at the same time so that these structures can occur and be able to function. Evolution cannot fit in these facts. Yes, the first occurrence of all things, also the power, knowledge, wisdom of everything is arranged, organized and managed by an infinite creator, Allah. The scientific evidence to this is the statements of Laurent, Schrimpf and their colleagues: “We have shown that nature (!) is highly effective in recycling messenger molecules: On average, about 5,000 protein molecules are produced per RNA, and a lesser amount is produced by Escherichia coli bacteria. This efficiency is incredible for us. However, the intracellular protein production is very finely tuned and its concentrations are regulated depending on the sensitive needs. Recently, other researchers have also confirmed this tremendous regulation potential with other studies and observations (23,24). However, nature is a mindless, unconscious, blind, and deaf artwork which composed of numerous elements, both dependent and dominant on each other, consisted of matters flowing like a helpless flood. This artwork (Nature) is made, it cannot make; it is created, it cannot create. It is like a painting, a building, a pen or a brush. But is not, and cannot be a painter, a writer, an architect and a master (25). Science is for us to know and admire the arts of Allah, not to deny, to be ungrateful, or for infidelity. Trying that hard to deny Allah, and showing the magnificent works created by Allah as an evidence of the absence of Him is a futile and very harmful effort that embarrass both science and humanity.

15- It is mentioned that the whale nostrils (nose/breathing hole) have changed its position in the head and that this is evident for evolution. However, the living being in the first image, the creatures in other images, and in the last image are different species. For example; one of them is a whale, the other one is a shark, and a dolphin skeleton and they are different species of marine mammals just like different species of insects and birds. Their characteristics are different from each other. They were created by the Creator in different characteristics and shapes. The fact that these images were put in succession and that they lived in certain time periods could not be an evidence for evolution. It cannot be an evidence for that they transformed to one another. Sharks, whales, and dolphins still exist, they didn’t extinct by transforming to other species. The animal with the nostril in front was also able to survive, and died in due courses, like the others If they were the same species, not different animals, they might have changed in the species itself but this is not an evolution, it is a modification. How can it be attributed to coincidence or the inconsistent, false evolutionary mechanisms? These changes are not as big as to make the whale or the dolphin something different. If there is such a change, it is a disease and destruction. They cannot survive, cannot be passed on to generations, they die. Like the people who were born with a syndrome or had some diseases.

16- Unfounded allegations such as “the wrinkling of the fingertips as a result of a human being staying in the water for a long time is the evidence and a result of evolution” are incompatible with the truth. Because the wrinkling of fingertips in the water is linked to the osmosis law. According to this law, when a more aqueous substance is placed in a denser solid substance it transmits water. When water penetrates the skin, the skin is inflated. As a result, the skin shrinks and expands its surface. Sometime after we leave the water, our hand is back to its original state. Because water under our skin evaporates after a while. This wrinkle occurs only on some part of our hands and feet. The reason why this wrinkling does not occur in other parts of our body is the oil glands at the bottom of our hair. In addition, this wrinkle is an event of a change in the species itself. There is no transition to a different species with wrinkles. Moreover, if such a rapid evolution and evolutionary mechanism existed, human beings would have already turned into a completely different species. A living being differentiated with wrinkles in hands would have to turn into different species for thousands of times in thousands of years. But, the human is still human for thousands of years.

The changes in the species itself are not evidence of transition among species. Similar changes in other living things are not evidence of transition among species. On the contrary, it is an evidence for that every living being has the same seal, the same signature; that is, the creator, the master is the same and one. Predictions, interpretations, constraints and personal inferences and similes are evident if attention is paid to the typical common characteristics and expressions of the articles that try to present the wrinkling of hands as the evidence of evolution. However, “may be” statements do not constitute evidence and they are not the proof. On the contrary, they introduce orientation and imputation. In addition, it is seen that these authors and journals are evolutionary, and they accept evolution as the absolute truth (26).

The truths outlined in 16 items in this article, and the answers to evolutionaries are not just that much, they can be increased easily. Each claim, each imagination, and appreciation brought as evidence can be easily answered. However, it is unreasonable to respond to the claims of evolutionists one by one, and to try to find answers. When the general and fundamental problem is understood, the truth appears. The fundamental problem is the ideological approaches and imaginary imputations that are incompatible with reason, logic, science, knowledge, and truth. There is countless evidence for the creation, for the existence of Allah, the one Creator, and for the inaccuracy of the idea of evolution. Even a single evidence is enough to prove an issue. It is enough to have a sufficiently objective approach.

Finally, as John C. Lennox, a scientist, says: “When the complexity and precision of protein factories are compared to the most advanced human technology, the human technology looks very primitive.” (27) Since this is both a scientific and the universal truth, the technology and functioning of the universe, which is superior to human technology, cannot be attributed to coincidence. Since there is a work, there is a maker. Since there is art, there is an artist. Since there is a universe, so we are, there is Allah, the Creator of everything.



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Source: The Pen Magazine

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