Corona virus kills, so does capitalism

The US is about to hit all records about corona virus. As of April 4, it has 311.600 cases, the biggest number among all countries. In addition, 8.376 people have died nationwide due to Covid19. The number of fatalities is expected to pass those of Italy within a few days since US citizens are disadvantegous in terms of receiving health care. While test costs are covered by the federal government, if an uninsured person tests positive, the cost of treatment ranges from $44.000 to $75.000. Since an average citizem can not afford this amount, thoso old or already having a disease are most likely to die.

Analysts attributes this unfair situation to the lack of a social state. They blame the capitalist system and argue that virus kills, so does capitalism. Americans are also unhappy with the lethal developments and criticize government for investing in arms but not their citizens.

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