Confessions by Coup Plotters

The coup attempted by FETO terrorist organization on July 15, 2016 was restrained by the general public, which was unexpected. The coup plotters had made the plan thinking that they would face off against the police power. When the tanks set off with F16s, the coup plotters supposed that they would encounter and kill the police officers. Contrary to expectations, the public barricaded with an incredible reflex. Then the coup failed.

This global crime in evidence was the attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government. Since the day of the attempt, this bloody jem that has infiltrated into the society and every department of the state has been so sure about the success that they have uncovered themselves many times. In this article we will not examine the pre-coup process, but the post-coup and show who made the coup by giving examples from confessions the coup plotters made during the public trial.

The documents we use are not the statements of police stations and prosecution.

The defendants whose names were on both local and foreign press had some important things in common. Most of those suspects now became convicts,

  1. Fetullah Gulen is precious for all the coup plotters. All of them, with their lifestyle and discourse, place him in an important corner of their lives.
  2. Fetullah Gulen, without exception, is seated by all the coup plotters in a divine place.
  3. Protecting and supporting the bank of the Service Action Bank Asya by selling cars and houses when it is in financial difficulty has been identified as a widespread movement.
  4. The ByLock communication program, previously unheard of in any ordinary and even official authority, has become a way of communication.
  5. All of the coup who murdered 250 civilians were either in close contact with Fetullah Gulen or had orders from those who had close contact with him.
  6. All defendants are under legal proceedings due to concrete An important part of these evidences is the camera recordings obtained from that night.

Many of these people have become confessors at the courts. We want to prove that the coup belongs to the FETO terrorist organization by making some samples of various parts of society. The documents we will evaluate are collected from the free press, local press and foreign press. The origins of the confessions are in court records. News sources can be accessed from the links we provide. The statements given by news sources have not been supplemented by us.

  • Mahmut Kesici: “Most of the witnesses testifying against me are the defendants on trial in the same case. They pointed out accusations against me because I was able to benefit from effective remorse law; I have already confessed to everything and have shown that I am with my state. I am embarrassed to be mentioned with this organization, I regret it. We have seen how we have been deceived by this religious brokers, after these traitors’ attempt, I learned my lesson in this regard. I made a mistake and joined this structure, I regret it. I am embarrassed to be remembered as one of those so-called traitors who are in this coup attempt.
  • Secret Imams: In Ankara, defendants in the case against FETÖ’s ‘secret imams’ said that Fethullah Gulen was behind the July 15 coup attempt. On the question of the President of the Court Abdullah Köksal, Mutlu replied, “Fetullah Gulen is the leader of the project that made the coup attempt and made the coup attempt”. The defendant Orhan Özay said: “The coup was made by FETO and I do not see it as a controlled coup, Gülen is the one who makes insidious plans to drag the country into chaos, I condemn those who make this coup”.
  • Defendant of the FETO: He admitted the ByLock order of FETO. He explained the denial policy about the ByLock program. R.S. said “I have been working as a ‘regionalist’ in Kırıkkale, I was responsible for the students who were studying at the university in Kırıkkale, the students who went to the military school and the area called ‘publication’. My code name was “Rasim.” When ByLock news comes out, ‘They will not find anything from ByLock, deny everything.’ explaining that they are using ByLock, the encrypted communication program of the organization.
  • Military Courier confessed: Major Erdal Karlıdağ, the former Provincial Gendarmerie Intelligence Commissioner who participated in the 15 July coup attempt of Fetullahçı Terrorist Organization (FETO), told the organization that his “brothers” informed him two days before the coup attempt and they made plans by meeting in a park. Karlıdağ stated that he would explain all the facts he knew about the event and stated that he wanted to benefit from effective remorse law. In addition, Karlıdağ has reportedly been using the organization’s communication program ByLock since 21 September 2014.
  • The General confessed this time. Former Brigadier General Murat Aygün, a member of the Yurtta Sulh Council, said that he ordered the soldiers himself to keep control of Ankara’s critical crossroads and road routes during the coup attempt.
  • The Sister Network is decrypted. The documents seized in the scope of the investigation carried out by the Tokat Prosecutor’s Office showed how FETÖ was organized in institutions for women. İlknur Böğrek was found to be the sister responsible for the education. Ilknur Böğrek, the sister of Tokat who became a confessor, gave important information about the structure. Böğrek explains that the organization of the men and women works in the same way, but the provincial imams are made up of men, and she said: “The sister of the province takes the instructions from the brother of the province. The province’s brother and sister meet at least twice a week. Negotiations usually take place in classrooms or colleges. Below the provincial sister, there are women dormitory directors, regional administrations, county sisters, institution responsibles and village sisters’ group. Depending on the provincial sister, the sub-province sisters work in sub-provinces as sisters in the provinces with the authorities they have”.
  • This is not the whole list. There are hundreds of confessions in ongoing lawsuits.


All of these confessions are identical to court records. Of course, the information we get from open source is not only this much. The examples we give like businessman, journalist, university rector, general-level soldier are the ones chosen as the visible part of the iceberg, which causes the FETO terrorist organization to unravel.

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