Author - Mustafa Akman

Mustafa AkmanMr. Mustafa Akman is a Medical Doctor and Sociologist.


Dark Face of Gatestone Institute- II

We can see that Gatestone Institute tolerates Burak Bekdil, who distorts the facts in an incomprehensible manner. Gatestone knows best that Bekdil is...

Turkey World

Game of FDD

Edelman and Schanzer, who are among the reputable authors and consultants of the FDD published an article on the Turkish-American relations on the...

Turkey World

A New Era in Turkish Politics

31 March Municipal elections were carried out with a participation level which is not seen in Europe. Elections were concluded with a great quietness...


Racisim and Islamophobia

Language is a living structure. It is born, grows and develops and one day it dies/might die. Although it lives by name, its content might already be...


Ai Ki Do and S 400

Ai Ki Do was developed by Morihei Ueshiba who was a thin Japanese. Sensei who lived between 1883-1969 combined physical and defense systems and...


Turkish-American relations

Turkish-American relations are shook by a missile crisis these days. Both countries test each other’s loyalty with missile. Turkish party felt that...