Natural disasters and atheists

Whenever a natural disaster (earthquake, epidemic illnesses, etc.) happens, atheists resurface and blame God (hereafter Allah) and worshippers as if they are responsible for it. For instance, there is an ongoing massive campaign against conservative people despite that they are the victims as attackers. Why non-believers are harsh in their criticism is non-understandable. If they blame Allah for the vulnerability of human beings, then they must stop being stubborn and confess that they are believers. If they are just atheists, they can’t insult believers for what is going on since believing in Allah is a personal issue and does not harm atheists neither physically nor spiritually. In addition, it is vivid that while they blame religion, they also try to replace science with creed. According to atheists, incidents can be explained only with science. What they say is correct but they ignore that religion is not against scientific explanations.

Islamic theology argues that everything  in the universe, including science, was created by Allah. For example, when an earthquake shakes the world, believers acknowledge that it is a result of tectonic movements of the earth. Yet, unlike atheists, they believe that there is an ‘F force’ triggered by Allah to shake the ground since nothing happens on itself without an external touch. Yet, you can’t explain this to atheists since they reject heart but worship to brain.

In fact, what they believe or don’t believe is nobody’s concern. Nobody forces them to look at events from a religious view. But nobody can bear their insult to religion and pious people just because their views are clashing with theirs. They should accept that they don’t have right to contemplate believers because of their beliefs. As Qur’an says “To you your religion and to me mine (Kafirun, 6).” Everyone should respect each other’s belief or non-belief.

Meanwhile, atheists should know that Islam’s (and other religion’s) views about them are not so merciful. There is hell after the death and it is specifically prepared for atheists. In addition, when they try to deceive people to move to their side, all sins of new atheists are included to theirs. Thus, not spreading their atheism like a virus is highly suggested not only for spiritual reasons (they won’t buy a religious advice) but also for living in peace with believers. The number of believers is much more anyway, thereby insulting them for incidents they did not instigate will cause counter-reactions.

Finally, perhaps they never heard what Islam thinks about natural disasters. According to Islamic faith, earthquakes (read it as natural disasters) increase the belief of believers and increases the infidelity of infidels. In this sense, atheists’ wildness justifies Islam’s argument. This being the case, our advice to them is to re-think about their lives, the creation of the world, death, post-death and particularly Allah. If they really rely on brain, they should allow their brains to think about it. Life is short and atheists die, too. Why not reviewing thoughts about faith?

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İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş is a columnist at Yeni Akit, a daily newspaper based in Istanbul.

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