The Babies of Evros River

Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) which has had an unexpected Ottoman Slap from Anatolian people wants to carry out the battle of resurrection through the babies of Evros River.

For the FETÖ terrorist organisation which murdered hundreds of civilians with sophisticated GDAM bombs and injured 2500 innocent people, it is not important whether 3-5 babies died or not.

For this organisation which organized for years and leaked to the state, can count as a worship to enter into every type of appearance, what is the value of ending a new family in addition to the lives that they put out that night?

Is it surprising for a terror organisation which placed their spies in every state institution from bottom to top by stealing, to bury 3-5 innocent lives in the Evros River?

They deceived the people of their own country.

They deceived their own nation.

They deceived their co-religionists.

Is it difficult for such an organisation to deceive the world?

FETÖ is an organisation that has grown up for the game over the years.

FETÖ is a crime machine that has grown up with conspiring against others and eliminating its competitors.


Is it interesting that FETÖ has also deceived their sympathizers?


Why did they deviate to this dirty road?

The time has come to surface the traps of treacherous organisation and make a new struggle for this organisation against its uninformed and imprudent base who relied on this organisation in the past.

There is no other choice. They have to try this game too.

Either the babies will be buried in Evros River, or themselves will go away in a dirty bog.

That’s all.

FETÖ is trying to get out of their life from the babies; This is the resurrection movement.


Revealing the crypto members who have been involved in dirty relations by a meticulous work, have been perturbed the ones who have not been reached yet.

Although those FETÖ members who have not yet had the decision to be caught up, have not been denunciated, still have passports in their hands, they have been ordered to pass the Evros River.


Double dipping.

They would make a safe passing. “The alive people who achieve to pass the river belong to us


An accident would occur. “The rest of the lives belong to the Media.”


What happens if you add 1 to 250? This is only Mathematics for the FETÖ.

If you round down, it’s 250.

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Mr. Mustafa Akman is a freelance journalist.

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