The Globally Isolated USA

Mental diseases are on the rise in global societies, in particular, in Western countries. Physiologically sound but psychologically unhealthy individuals struggle in a vicious cycle. That’s the reason why more and more money is paid to psychologists and psychiatrists. Overall, these healthcare professionals do not do more than allowing people to pour their grief but they are nevertheless a part of Western communities.

According to the researches, the money spent by the US society for mental support reaches billion dollars. One Out of every 5 US people, needs to receive a serious treatment. The US family structure is basically built on 3.14 individuals on average. This means that there are person/s either in your house or in your neighbor who is unable to act competent enough in mental terms and who you have to live together. For every 3 problematic people, only 1 gets the necessary treatment.

In 2015, 372 crimes with deliberate intention to kill or maim were committed by those who live among the American society and who have been regarded by their neighbors as “ordinary normal people.” As mental problems increase, crime rates increase. Maybe even worse is that two out of every three people have negative perceptions and fear that things will be worse than ever.

Does ever-increasing loneliness result in depression only?  Suicide, cardiac diseases, learning and memory disabilities, decision-making difficulties, alcohol and drug abuse, deterioration in Alzheimer’s disease, weak brain functions. Suicide statistical figures in the American society are dreadful. Major depression rates are nothing less than a disaster. Ratio of alcohol-induced problems –please pay attention here- 2.3% between the 12-17 age group only. It is a disaster in the true sense of the word. One out of every 10 adults is trying to grapple with his alcohol abuse problems.

The American society is getting lonelier more and more and do these problems only affect the American society itself? Global researches point out that how the USA is globally received is becoming poorer. The USA opposition among Israeli Jews is 20%: This is a very surprising ratio, given the fact that the USA act as their protectorate and Israeli Jews are the main focus of all US policies. Considering all world communities, one out of every 2 people does not like the USA. This is a horrifying rate.

Enhanced communication means and convenient access to information have made it easier to have access to the details of once-clandestine operations. Everyone is now aware of the fabricated pretext in Iraq crisis, which was triggered due to the supposed presence of mass destruction weapons. Those weapons have not been found yet though it has been years since then. Because they simply do not exist. This crime and hundreds of other global crimes committed by the USA state agencies have been simply proven. There is a reason why world nations are very angry at the USA.

The USA is getting isolated more and more. The UNSC voting with respect to the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city resulted in the fact that the USA now faces 14 countries against it. Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador, revealed with her looks that she felt lonelier than the comet Halley during the voting. It was probably the first time that Nikki has faced such isolation in the US history.


We have demonstrated that the loneliness of individuals may trigger a process that can result the loss of other people’s lives. I am afraid that having been struggling against a global loneliness, the USA will start to take step that would hurt other states. If we consider the USA an individual, then it will be to the benevolence of the entire humanity if it gets a psychological support from an affectionate country like Turkey.


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