The NZ mosque massacre showed zombified mankind that it should retain its humanity

The events that followed the attacks carried out on the two mosques in New Zealand that resulted in the martyrdom of 50 Muslims, the Christchurch massacre, are unprecedented.

The way the massacre was carried out, its cruelty, the way it was planned like a computer game, the livestreaming of the massacre, reminded not only New Zealanders but also Westerners and even us, who have been turned into zombies, of our own humanity; it reminded and taught Westerners and humankind, which had been corrupted by the West, what it really means to feel pain, mercy, compassion, sympathy for people who experienced the worst kind of agony in order to relieve their pain, taking them under your wing, help paint a smile on their faces and lending a helping hand to them.

There is nothing human left in our lives.

Humanity has disappeared from our lives since machines started to dominate the world.

As machines dominated the world, no human agency has endured in our lives, and humans have been diminished and disappeared.

Machines, powerful machines, especially a machine that can massacre masses with only one button became the kings of the world; the world became corrupted, lost its charm; humans lost their cause, and become the slaves of the machines, and the slaves of the powerful and self-seeking machines.

Humans, in a period when they thought they have never been freer, became the slaves of the simplest thing: deceiving machines…

They have become consuming slaves…

They couldn’t even realize that as they consumed, they consumed themselves and the more zombie-like they became…

With the events in New Zealand, not only the people of New Zealand but the entire world, maybe for the first time, remembered that they are humans. When humanity felt the gory pain, they remembered their humanity, which they had forgotten or were forced to forget; they remembered conscience, mercy, taking others under their wing, the meaning of lending a hand to someone, the undefinable value of touching people’s lives, and the real value of sharing. People discovered the light in themselves. And the undefinable joy of discovering the treasures of humanity which they forgot as they became the slaves of consumerism, which was already there in their nature but had remained hidden.

People who became more and more worldly and zombie-like experienced the most unprecedented and unbearable pain and remembered their humanity.

When Western civilization made mankind the slaves of this world, and therefore the slaves of machines, it suppressed all its humane qualities, its human nature; then humankind lost its identity and as a result, transformed into a zombie. That is why the way the terrorist of the New Zealand massacre carried out the attack went down in history as an example of how zombie-like a human being can become. Such a vicious massacre carried out against innocent people who gathered in a mosque to fulfill their duties and worship God was enough for the entire world to feel the pain, share the pain and remember their humanity…

In tomorrow’s column, I will try to show how Islam has been subjectified over the last two centuries, or even over the last 25 years, and how it finds the opportunity to revive humanity and prevent the zombifying of the Western civilization and its zombification of the rest of humanity…

Source: yenisafak.com

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Yusuf Kaplan

Yusuf Kaplan

Mr. Yusuf Kaplan is a columnist at Yeni Şafak daily newspaper based in Istanbul

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