One may have heard a lot about mothers whom have been staging a sit-in protest in Istanbul’s iconic Istiklal Street for years asking for their missing loved ones. Every move made by or against those mothers immediately hits the headlines of international wires. However, western media has not still made a single cover of the other Kurdish mothers whom have also been asking for their missing sons in an ever-growing protest in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir. Why the latter has not made to the western media is almost as dramatic as the protest itself.

In an op-ed published by New York Times, former mayor of pre-dominantly Kurdish city of Mardin, Ahmet Turk, said We all stand accused of supporting terrorism. In reality, all we had done was oppose the government’s tyrannical policies.” Ahmet Turk was removed from his mayoral post by Turkish Interior Ministry along with Diyarbakir and Van mayors for terror related charges which Turk vehemently denied in his New York Times article.

Back in Diyarbakir, a widely shared video on Twitter showed a father yelling “my son was kidnapped in a broad daylight and taking to the mountain in a municipality vehicle.” By the “mountain” the protesting father refers to the terrorist PKK headquarters in Qandil mountain in northern Iraq. And the father’s statement on his son being kidnapped in a municipality (Diyarbakir) vehicle explains why Ahmet Turk and other HDP mayors have been removed. It’s an open secret in southeastern Turkey that HDP-run municipalities provide the office means for PKK.

Total of 11 parents have been staging a sit-in protest in front of pro-PKK party HDP headquarter in Diyarbakir. All 11 parents demand the same thing: Safe return of their kids whom have been kidnapped by the terrorist PKK to force into fighting against Turkish state. Current protesting mothers were probably encouraged by a previous protest of a single mother. Her son was quickly released by PKK.

Another mother whose video turned vital on social media yells one of the officers inside HDP office “to which private school your son goes to? In which beach your wife has been getting a sunshine.” Their protest have wide been covered by some Turkish media but their voice and plea is ignored by western media and politicians like Kati Piri whom always seems extremely concerned about every single development in Turkey especially involving the rights of Kurds.

What is perhaps more striking than the protest of those mothers is the location of the protest. The 11 Kurdish parents -mostly only mothers- have directly gone to HDP office in Diyarbakir to call them to account for the kidnapping action of terrorist PKK. That is an important fact ignored by the west and the reason why their cry-out has not been heard by the western media. Western media and politicians have been denying the relation between terrorist PKK and its political wing, HDP. And ignoring “the other Kurdish mothers” just serves that purpose. Because if the stories of those mothers in Diyarbakir are told or mentioned, the western-pampered terror group would come to an end.

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