Tiktok will not be banned but handed over to Jewish businessmen in US

The US Congress has approved a bill to ban TikTok in the US. Now it’s the Senate’s turn to vote – which is expected to vote in favor of a ban. Joe Biden has also said that he will sign the ban if the Senate approves it. If the bill is approved, either TikTok will be banned or the American unit will be forced to sell. The justification put forward by the Americans is the possibility that the information of 170 million Americans could be captured by China. Because TikTok is a Chinese company.

In fact, every social media platform, from Google to Instagram, collects the information of its members and gives it to the American government. However, the American government is not complaining about this situation because, after all, it is committing the crime itself. Also, banning a social media platform would mean banning freedom of opinion, but they don’t care about that either. But they do care about one thing: Israel’s demand to ban TikTok. So the demand actually comes from Israel.

In other words, American politicians will shut down a platform used by 170 million people because the Jewish lobby for Israel wants them to. Because the overwhelming majority of the deputies and senators in the American congress and senate receive large sums of money from the lobbies that represent Israel. That money was given for such times, and now they are asking for a payback. The politicians gladly put aside the demands of the people and do what the lobbies want.

So why does Israel and the Jewish lobby want to shut down TikTok? Because TikTok (even though it is a worthless app) exposes Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Because of this, Israel has lost the American youth, perhaps never to regain them again. An example is circulating on social media: between December 15-22, 2023, 15 hashtags were created about the events in Palestine, 14 of which were in favor of Palestine. Only one of them seems to support Israel. Moreover, while the 14 pro-Palestinian hashtags were seen 160 million times, the pro-Israeli tag was seen only 2 million times.

Israel and Zionist Jews are very concerned about this. They are the owners of almost all social media platforms, so they could censor at will. But when Twitter fell into the hands of Elon Musk, they couldn’t censor it at the beginning of the Holocaust. Then they reformed it with threats and by taking Musk on a tour of Israel and Auscwitz, which is said to be one of the places where the Holocaust took place. That left TikTok, and now it’s his turn.

But the Zionists are planning more than that. Their plan is not to shut down TikTok, but to buy it from the Chinese. In fact, the people who will buy it are already known. One is a businessman named Bobby Kotick and the other is Sam Altman, one of the owners of ChatGPT. Both are of Jewish origin and have Jewish capital behind them. What has been happening in recent days will kill two birds with one stone. First, TikTok will be taken from the Chinese and given to Jewish businessmen. Second, TikTok will be made to censor the Holocaust.

That’s the intention, but their plan is likely to backfire because they’ve made their intentions too obvious. First of all, all TikTok users are aware of what is going on. Their reaction will be strong for sure. Also, the genocide they have committed cannot be overlooked by banning TikTok. Technology has advanced so much that nothing can be hidden from anyone. The true face of Israel and the Zionists has been exposed and they can no longer easily play the role of innocence. It is time to isolate themselves from the world. Just as they imprisoned and killed millions of Palestinians in Gaza, the world will imprison them in Israel.

Auto translated from yenikait.com.tr

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