Western hypocrisy in Idlib


The matter of Idlib has recently turned into a new phase with the direct attack of the regime forces that left 11 Turkish military personnel dead.Turkey’s firm stance has since the first day of the Syrian war always been clear. It said that a safe zone for the people fleeing the Assad atrocities must be formed across the north swath of Syria until the war is finished. Yet, Turkey’s this right approach have so far not been taken into consideration by the US and the European countries.

Throughout the Syrian Civil War that started some 8 years ago, Turkey has also started to take immigrants to its soils, and for the time being, is home to at least 3.7 million Syrians. Besides, it keeps on helping to people outside of its border whose number  have reached to one million, and is now face to face with a new wave of immigration to come from Idlib due to the brutal and indiscriminate attacks of Russian backed regime forces.

Why are not the European countries and the US not saying anything for these all of happenings being realized in the eyes of the world and the utterly heavy inhumane conditions at all? I wonder if these Sunni Arab people were to be a group of PKK affiliated people or its derivatives, would they again keep their death silence ? I don’t think so, we would highly likely have not talked about such a situation in idlib.

This is a yet another shame and hypocrisy of the western standpoint before the events, we all now unfortunately again witness this with all clarity.

We well know that Assad has an inhuman intention to fully clear the all people who are either opposed to his brutal reign or have Sunni thoughts from Syria and this fascist idea are both directly supported Russia and Iran and 7the western people indirectly.

Turkey is now a sole country to try to find a solution for the ongoing catastrophe in Syria and is apparently fairly committed to remain as a power in Syria until the final decision to provide a settlement for the whole people in Syria is taken by the parties.
Otherwise, it will be not a good idea for the western countries to bury their heads like an ostrich before the events. They must know that the scorching flame of the fire to be emerged from the ongoing persecution and atrocities of Assad regime and its supporters Iran and Russia will either way reach to their faces at the end of the day.

A hot confrontation between the Turkish Security Forces and Russian troops would be a worse scenario in Idlib, but Turkey has no any choice but to keep around 3 million people in Idlib in the name of not seeing a new burden of immigrants. Up until now, Nato and the US has used a few weak statements and expressed that they would be stand by with Turkey but this is not enough, They must take concrete steps towards solving this issue. The prolonged war of  Syria and idlib case will apparently continue until president Erdogan and Putin agree a new ceasefire plan. Turkey is from now onward going to keep trying to make Europe and the United States even more determined to finish this humanitarian crisis. Otherwise, whatever will, in case of a new exodus to come from Syria, be affects in Turkey will be the same for the European Countries. We hope they are well aware of this reality!

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