Western media race for PKK’s black propaganda

Analysts accuse Western media to spread PKK/YPG’s fabricated news in order to get the support of foreign audience. Majority of media outlets, their correspondents and some pro-PKK US officials have published fake news that were declined by Turkish authorities. Turkish side says the deliberate black propaganda is made to delegitimize Turkey’s incursion as well as victimizing PKK/YPG terrorist organization.

Straturka has found several fake news samples just in a few minutes. For example, Newsweek claimed Turkey attacked a US military post based in Kobane.


However, Turkish army immediately denied the claim and released below statement;

Meanwhile, Newsweek used a hostile language towards Operation Peace Spring in its wording, using terms like “so-called” for the operation.

Newsweek’s fake report was also used by US officials such as Bret McGurk, who is blamed for forming SDF and arming YPG.

Some Turkey analysts like Ali Bakeer blamed him and interpreted the disinformation campaign as an attempt to use it as a tool to widen the gap between USA & Turkey and shift the battle to them.

On the other hand, BBC used the photo of victims of the YPG rocket fire to show that Syrian Kurds in Syria are escaping from Turkish attacks.

In another example, Washington Post correspondent Liz Sly shared PKK’s claim that it killed 5 Turkish soldiers, which never happened.

Moreover, French news agency AFP shared fake news whose source was PKK accounts. While it deleted some of them, the agency continued to share fabricated news.


On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya media network also joined the fake news campaign.


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