What Lesson Coronavirus Thought Us

Undoubtedly, we are going through extraordinary times globally.Currently, the media outlets across the world are busy with trying to find answers to such questions about the COVID-19 as ‘what actually is it?’, ‘what measures should be taken to retard the seemingly unstoppable spread of it?’ and ‘will there ever be a cure for it?’The plagues have historically struck civilizations fundamentally impacting the lives of millions. The COVID-19 purportedly originated from China’s Hubei Province, is no exception and it is poised to leave its permanent mark on our society, economy, and politics.

The pandemic has already proven extremely deadly. Its ultimate impact on our lives has yet to be seen. But one thing is for certain; the pandemic has prompted the international community to revisit such universal values as love, trust, solidarity, equality, and love-thy-neighborhood that had previously been neglected or taken for granted.

Since the plague began to claim the lives of thousands upon thousands, we have constantly been reminded that the fragile is life. Even the most prosperous nations got humbled by the realization that despite the ownership of the world’s most material wealth, scientific innovation and safety, a virus could easily render those signs of dominance obsolete, plunging those nations into utter desperation.

One of the most important lessons this pandemic has taught is despite the aforementioned signs of strength we are actually so frail that a virus can easily force us into seclusion and isolation. Our daily routine, our work, and habits may easily become meaningless.Just as the previous ones, this pandemic too is going to come to pass, unfortunately, leaving exorbitant number of casualties in its wake. In its aftermath, the world will not be the same. We should expect sweeping changes in the way we conduct politics, our social interactions, and the way we perceive our material world.

It has now dawned on us that this catastrophe will not be the last. We can only hope the governments, corporations and international organizations are more prepared for such future disasters. And, let’s hope, with the bitter lessons learned from these dire straits, we turn this world into a better place where dignity, respect, compassion and human rights reign supreme.

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