How was ISIS used by USA?

It is impossible that the USA, which is aware of everything that is happening in the world and which has more than 800 military bases in 70 countries , to be unaware of the foundation of a terrorist actor who is just right beside Israel and has global influence. In the 80s it was stated that;

“The USA hears about all the telephone conversations in the northern hemisphere.”

It is not reportedly correct, but, the effect of this statement is far beyond the real effect. That is why the founding and driving power of ISIS is the USA.

Since its foundation, the ISIS has been used to shape the region, which has not done a single negative action against Israel (we hope it never happens), source of trouble in the Middle East. Is it necessary to be a strategy expert to know this?


Year 2014. The contemptible army which was bushed out in the Middle East land beyond the Israel, moved along to the border with Turkey. ISIS, which proclaimed Raqqa as the capital, strengthened its hypnotic influence with this announcement. The aim is to divide Syria in 3 parts, if not into 2 parts and more importantly, to create a puppet state along the southern border of Turkey, which clamps Turkey continuously.

The hand wheel created by ASALA, and afterwards by the PKK, has to evolve into a new phase and creates states which Israel can easily swallow. How can the resistance of Turkey be broken?

The plan is very clear

  • The organisation that the whole world calls terrorist will be placed in the region (ISIS)
  •  There will be non-regional forces (YPG = PKK) to join the armed struggle against these terrorists and to be at Israel and the USA’s beck and call
  • These brave (!) fighters will be placed in the area with providing support from Turkey.
  • The possible resistance of Turkey will be broken by the gossip “Turkey is helping the ISIS”
  • Actually, the only aim is to deploy the PKK terrorists in the region and play the theatre in which the ISIS is fired from the region by the coalition forces.


They were all done. YPG terrorists were crossed into the region from Turkey with breaking the resistance of Turkey through gossips and calumniation generated by YPG (=PKK) sources. Turkey was strung along every time by giving the message “These terrorists are in the region temporarily”.


On behalf of the friendship of Israel, the USA administration abandoned its honesty, for which it praised.

The USA, whose game has been spoiled with the Turkey’s Al Bab and Afrin operation will never withdraw without fighting, whether it wants to show economically nowadays, will see sooner or later that the fate is in favour of Turkey and every move it makes will have an equivalent given in return.


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