What is USA?

Why do they always want to smile and do not take care of the pain of others?

Why are their hopes based on murders and crimes against humanity?

When did this American learn to make a dirty political art, to turn someone else’s cry into the advantage?


This and similar questions strain my mind; in the tear of every Syrian child I see;

In the desperate glassy glance of every Gazaian.

In the scream of every baby separated from his/her mother. It’s always this question.

Of course they know the best answer for this.

When I understood the lie “NATO (= protective organisation for the interest of USA) rescued Turkey from Russian expansionism “, it flashed.

The alliance between USA and NATO is not the light at the end of the tunnel;

it is not the train that comes over to us,

they are the sparks on the railway line that the rakes of wagons generate when passing over us.


Sociologists know the best. Auguste taught. Emile reported, Bell rang the bell, Weber gave the lesson, Mills advanced, Foucault’s statement F ^^ k the system, Goffman and Bourdieu drank the bordeaux together. Pleasure, American pleasure.



The fugitives of continental Europe, the greedy British, atrocious Italian found the correct path and reached the untouched continent. Disgusting people from the old world who were hungry for money piled in the new World.

Were they just in the history?

The year was 1980. It was too new. All the criminals of the Cuba piled in the America; Mariel Boatlif.


The target of every man and his dog is the America. Every criminal who does not make harm to himself is there.

And it will not change.

If you plant wheat, rye does not grow.

Waiting for good from a crushed soil can be a job of naiveté.


Descendant looks like ancestor. Student is the work of teacher.

The position of America is where their ancestors located.



I would have known you know that where there is pain in the old world, is for to make the new continent happy.

The child crying in the Middle East makes someone smile in the North America.

Yankee wins when Mexico loses.

The Arab treasury flows to Washington.


Because, American’s;

Father was a criminal,

Grandfather was a smuggler,

Great grandfather was a killer,

Great great grandfather was an Englishman who had run away due to the offence of rape,

Great great great grandfather was an Ireland based thief,

Great great great great grandfather was a killer of Native American.

And this goes on.


Waiting for mercy from an American whose origin has been made from the crime is in vain.

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Mustafa Akman

Mr. Mustafa Akman is a freelance journalist.

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