Name of Fire; Trump

What happens if we accept the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is emulated, envied, frightened by some countries of the world, as a human being? For example, which one do you ascribe to ?











(Only) Loving his own country,

(Only) Thinking of the interests of his own people,

Fighting against cruel (accepted) people fearlessly,

(Only in the interests of his own country) Fighting all over the world. Many of them fit nicely.


If there is something in the world that fits/does not fit American interests, it is not difficult to find the trace of CIA.

Is this a good thing?

If a little dirty water flows into a pool filled with immaculate water, can we drink from that water?

Where there is a pain, there is signature of CIA (United States) from far away or closely, and this is a fact.

American dream.

Very attractive.

There is pain in it. There is a tear. There is a silent scream.


The water from that pool cannot be drunk.

Sooner or later this giant will be destroyed.

This time different from others, the fire that will spread from inside will burn this unspoken tyrannical empire.

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Mustafa Akman

Mustafa Akman

Mr. Mustafa Akman is a Medical Doctor and Sociologist.

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