Is it a crime to be loved by their citizen?


“The new caudillos are on the rise”

“The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989”

“These new caudillos have little respect for individual rights”

“Washington and Europe ignore them at their own risk”

“Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Vladimir Putin in Russia”

“opponents arrested and jailed”


Henri J. Barkey commenced his latest article published in The American Interest with these emphasises. In our day, it is a known fact that the literacy of article is made up of headlines, 59 out of 100 articles are shared without having knowledge of their content in social media. It is obvious that Mr. Barkey is aware of this information as he is using his effective articles. For this reason, we wanted to assess Mr Barkey’s article.

Henry J. Barkey brought the 4 world leaders to light. I wanted to provide insight about the groundlessness of this article by making a general assessment and including the Egyptian leader, Sisi whom Barkey is closely acquainted with in these leaders chosen among 206 countries.

Election Result USA Relationships Number of Rivals Nearest  Rival’s votes
Viktor Orban Fidesz party % 44 Friction 8 21
Recep Tayyip Erdogan AK Party %46 Friction 15 22
Nicolas Maduro United Socialist Party % 54 Friction 14 25
Vladimir Putin The United Russia party  %77 Friction 75 Below %20
Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi Independent 97 Close Relationship 1(?)


There are similarities between the 4 leaders who Mr. Barkey has presented and labelled as totalitarian who make use of every opportunity to eliminate their opponents: they are preferred in their countries since they are popular in their own countries and their closest opponent is about 20% even if ups and downs are seen.

Along with being 50% or more popular and reliable, the similarity of their relations with the USA is needed to be questioned. It is a fact that the USA which sets the agenda of the world cannot get along with these 4 country leaders Mr. Barkey takes aim at.

The Egyptian leader, Sisi who Mr. Barkey did not include in his article, casted the ballot with a single candidate. However, there were many opponents present when the election calendar was announced. As the election calendar went on, only Sisi will run the race; if we do not consider the last-minute candidate for sure.

As we put Mr. Barkey’s comment to one side, the sins of the mentioned 4 leaders should be being loved by their people and not serving towards the profits of the USA.

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Mustafa Akman

Mr. Mustafa Akman is a freelance journalist.

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