Should Turkey invade Northern Syria with a Cyprus-like operation?

Nine Turkish soldiers were martyred by a villainous PKK attack in Hakkari province last Thursday. Fortunately their vengeance was taken the same day, and militants were sent to the potholes of hell they deserved. May Allah leave them there forever. We all know that terror maintains its existence by external support. As Mahir Kaynak said, no terrorist organization can exist without the support of a state. The terror that hits Turkey is undoubtedly due to the support of arms given by the states behind it.

While such support used be secretly in the past, it is now done publicly.  After the fighting between Turkish troops and the PKK last week, AT-4 anti-tank guns, which Americans gave to YPG,  and insignias of YPG came out of terrorists killed. Do we need any other evidence indicating that the US supports the PKK terrorism? Should there be corpses of American soldiers among those of the PKK in order to convince someone for US-PKK alliance? Even if such corpses are found, I am sure US army will blame dead American soldier in order to veil their collaboration.

Our soldiers / police are not being shot with US weapons for the first time and unfortunately will not be shot for the last time. There are 3000 trucks of American made weapons in YPG warehouses. Each weapon will be used to kill Turkish security forces when the right time comes. By the way, we know that there are non-American weapons given to YPG as well.  It is because  the US military buy weapons from countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia and the Czech Republic and givesthem to the PKK / YPG.

Another thing we know is that these attacks took place just after the disclosure of US’ dirty relations in Turkey.  A lawyer who presented the documents that deciphered US-FETO relations was murdered last Tuesday.  Before this assassination, Osman Kavala, who is called red Soros, was arrested due to his involvement in Gezi protests and July 15 failed coup. Metin Topuz, a FETO member who worked at the US consulate, was also arrested  three weeks ago.

Since Turkish police have begun to enter cells of FETO and USA in Turkey, the PKK have come out from their caves with more lethal US made weapons. While a lawyer was killed in Istanbul, soldiers were killed in Hakkari simultaneously.  Because perpetrators  want not to be touched. On the other hand, they want to keep their privilege of initiating dissent, organizing uprisings or attempting coups in Turkey.

I don’t know how much Turkish government will bear these treasons.  Patience of Turkey is tested atmost.  What the US does through ist proxies is distinctly hostility. Hostility requires new and radical counter attitudes.  Perhaps, Turkey is weaker in the context of power and possibilities, but, characteristically, it can not digest such injustice. When the subject is betrayal, it does not make a profit-loss account, and retaliate against traitors.

That is why it is unclear how long Turkey will tolerate free movement of the PKK in Syria under the auspices of America. If Turkey continues to be punished with terrorism, a Cyprus-like invasion to the north of Syria will be inevitable. I am sure that such solutions to end terror are also in the minds of the angry state elite. If living with terror is not written in the fate of this country, there is no other solution apart from carrying the struggle to terror centers.

If terrorists can cross the border at any time and attack security forces, then the army must be able to overtake the border and pursue  terrorists. Just as the US is able to come from 10.000 kilometers  away and invade Iraq despite that Iraq does not have any terrorist activities on American soil, Turkey can effectively neutralize terror cells nestled 1 meter outside their borders. In addition, the terrorist organization has given Turkey the right to self-defense with its attacks.

The problems regarding to the existence of Turkish state can not be deferred for the sake of dirty interests of its allies(!).  Besides, our so-called allies made their choices by siding with our enemies.  It is now time for Turkey to make choice. Will it pay a final huge price by destroying terrorism in its strongholds or will it still pay the same amount by installments without defeating terrorism?

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İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş is a columnist at Yeni Akit, a daily newspaper based in Istanbul.

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