What to do to foreign NGOs

When you investigate foreign NGOs that have branch offices in Turkey in order to defend disadvantaged and discriminated groups, you face shocking truths about their networks and connections. As we have witnessed, an executive of Amnesty International was detained for using Bylock, a messaging program only used by FETO (Fetullahist Terrorist Organization) members. Amnesty International has relations with Helsinki Citizens Assembly. That association is in contact with Open Society Foundation. Open Society has connection with businessman Osman Kavala, aka Red Soros, who funded Gezi protests, failed color revolution of Turkey. Kavala is also affiliated to the PKK and its policital branch HDP party. It was also revealed that he made lots of phone conversations with Metin Topuz, a FETO member working for US Istanbul Consulate. When Kavala was detained, Assoc. Prof Dr. Saban Kardas who was with Henri Barkey, a staunch Neo-con, in Buyukada island during failed coup of July 15, was detained as well.

We understand that Soros, Neo-cons, FETO, the PKK, DHKP-C and other marginal leftist groups, backed by Western countries, are cooperating and working together in Turkey. Their aim is clear; to increase further division in Turkish society. They provoke marginal groups by pretending as if they are striving for their rights. In fact, they try to raise tension of people, force them to take streets, legalize crimes, cause civil unrest and get the goverment resigned if possible.

While they support universal rights granted to all human beings by birth, they only fight for rights of those whom they can use a tool to squeeze governments. For example, they never defend rights of anti-Western people. Let’s give an example; United States Commission on International Religious Freedeom (USCIRF), which visited Pastor Andrew Brunson who was arrested for being a FETO member in prison, releases annual reports about religious freedom in all countries.

Its report about Turkey is quite interesting. USCIRF asks Turkish government to obey the law that closed worship places of religious groups and not let these groups to practice religion in public sphere. By contrast, they criticise Azerbaycan for closing FETO schools. As you all know FETO claims to be a religious group. Yet, USCIRF supports FETO. Probably, it is because FETO is pro-American. USCIRF is annoyed by increasing number of Imam-Hatip High Schools, which partly give religious education, as well. Whereas, it asks government to increase number of Christian schools that train pastors. There is no doubt that USCIRF has nothing with religious freedom. It just acts politically to help realizing American interests.

NGOs like NED, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Freedom House and Open Society Foundations, as former CIA President said, do what CIA can’t do. When a spy is caught with a mask, you easily learn his/her ID by taking off his/her mask. However, when he/she is working as a human rights activist, you will never understand whether he/she is a spy since he masks collecting intelligence with activism. Therefore, while intelligence service is masked with an NGO, the spy veils himself as being an activist and his work is covered with activism mask.

Turkey must find a solution to the problems that NGOs create. Personally, I think NGOs should either do only their real jobs or liquidate their branches. If they continue to cause upheavals, they must be banned to function.

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İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş

İbrahim Karataş is a columnist at Yeni Akit, a daily newspaper based in Istanbul.

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