Author - Abdennour Toumi

Abdennour ToumiMr. Abdennour Toumi is the France correspondent for The Arab Daily News. He is a political consultant at the IMPR Think Tank based in Ankara, Turkey. He is a member at the European Observatory for Arabic Language Teaching based in Paris, France. And, he is a blogger, focused on the Islamist Question.

USA World

American Dream Vs. French Wishes

Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar wouldn’t even be elected for her classroom President because of her Islamic veil, though it looks like Simone de...

Turkey World

Waves Burst from Time to Time

Modern history teaches us to believe that revolutions are led by the masses, despite the good intentions of the idealist elite The political Tsunami...

Algeria Arab World

Grand Pardon or Repentance!

The evaluation of the past should not stop with memory alone, and spectacle bold decisions in a local political tempest. Then-candidate Macron...

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The New World Disorder

Does the world remember President Clintonʼs moment of uncontrolled laughter during his joint press conference with President Yeltsin in the Kremlin...